Yeah, Clint Dempsey might make that paper kicking a soccer ball around, but that doesn’t stop him from dropping a verse here and there. The right-footed midfielder who got his professional start as a Rev, is now playing in his third World Cup for the US International Team, but coming from the same scene that bred Lil’ Flip, Scarface, Mike Jones, Slim Thug, and many more, Houston’s Dempsey clearly has a trill side to him as well.

Back in 2006, nobody in the US really liked watching soccer, so aside from playing the game itself, players like Dempsey took it upon themselves to appeal to a wider, more alternative audience. Thus, Deuce, Dempsey’s hip-hoppin’ alter-ego, was born, throwing down some ill bars on his hit track, “Don’t Tread.” Perhaps it was his inspirational verses, or maybe it was Zidane’s headbutt that year (it definitely wasn’t the soccer), but after 2006, more and more Americans seemed to hop on the soccer bandwagon. With the US’s first World Cup game kicking off at 6 p.m. this evening, hopefully Deuce’s attack-style play on the mic can translate on the field as well.

With a positive message that could universally inspire, akin to Macklemore, matched with a more cut-throat delivery of the aforementioned Scarface, and the southern drawl of fellow Houstonian Paul Wall, Deuce’s hit is actually quite a banger, and likely was bumped in soccer team weight rooms around the country. Soccer players may be criticized for soft play, but “Don’t Tread” isn’t as much of a flop as other athlete-turned-rapper experiments (looking at you, Jason Kidd). If only Alexi Lalas had a music career, US soccer would’ve been on the map a long time ago, BUT WAIT HE DID.