Wine tasting. The first thing that might pop into your head is overpriced glasses of pours you can’t pronounce and some guy with a French accent talking about their “body.”  At Wine Riot, which had its fifth annual event Saturday and Sunday at the Boston Park Plaza Castle, wine is de-snobbed. Instead of your typical wine-o musings, it’s for hip, tech-savvy whippersnappers.

Second Glass takes the concept of a traditional wine tasting and puts the guide in your palm, with a free mobile app that helps attendees navigate the numerous vendors. Each time you try a sip of some tasty vino, simply find it on the app and record what you thought; saving your favorites for future purchase.

And for the kids (well, 21+ kids) with those fancy camera phone devices, the event also features an Instagram-to-print booth. People at the event contributed their own artsy version of the affair with a #WineRiot hashtag attached. Walk over to the booth and voila! That timeless photo of a piece of cheese shoved up your friend’s nose is available in a Polaroid print.

The plentiful abundance of booze kept the crowd coming, selling out both days of the event. The ballroom transformed into a dimly-lit barn, taking you to an Italian vineyard where the young locals are all getting hammered. Of the 36 different vendors, our favorites included 90+ Cellars, The Naked Grape (already bought a case), and Ghost Pines. Slightly-inebriated individuals also had the option to purchase snacks from our own local Roxy’s Grilled Cheese Sandwiches and The Tipsy Scoop, a New York City-based creamery that combines two of our favorite things: alcohol and ice cream.

Individuals without any wine experience need not fear. Numerous seminars took place that lasted at max 15 minutes, included booze, and all featured words we can pronounce. One exceptionally notable instructional booth did a “Learn to Speak Wine Geek.” Each side of the four-cornered booths gave a taste of two different wines to compare the style: oaked vs. unoaked, sweet vs. dry, young vs. mature, and old vs. new. If anyone walked away not feeling confident in their ability to say “yes, this is very oaky,” then it’s probably because they were just too sloshed to form the words.

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