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This spring’s Boston Calling lineup was announced earlier this week, and judging by Twitter’s collective reaction (seriously, we read a ton of tweets), and based on the fact that pre-sale tickets are already sold out, folks seem to be quite smitten with this festival’s bill. One peculiar part that stood out, however, is that one major act near the top of the bill has yet to be announced. What’s so goddamn special about this act, huh? Reactions to our Facebook post suggested that it might be another local, perhaps Gentlemen Hall, Bad Rabbits, or CliffLight. Well, we have a few hypotheses as to who it might be.


Many seem hopeful that the Atlanta hip-hop legends will make a Boston stop this year, especially since the duo announced it would be playing over 40 festivals this summer. After last fall’s Boston Calling, it’s clear that the event is open to large hip-hop and dance acts, as well. The only indication that this may just be a dream is that the slot on the Boston Calling flyer reserved for the unannounced special guest is not directly at the top.


The local rockers already played Boston once this year, but for an event that is quickly becoming a Boston staple, Frank Black and friends would seem appropriate.

An electronic act of some sort

The lineup is very rock-heavy as is, so to diversify it, a big name DJ act or household dance pop name could pique the interests of a whole different crowd. And after last fall, it’s clear that Boston likes to get down on occasion.

The Replacements

The ’80s alt-rock champs resurfaced for a few festivals last summer, and even recruited a Boston musician to play guitar (David Minehan, frontman of legendary locals The Neighborhoods, who now runs Woolly Mammoth Sound in Waltham where he let us record this video with GEM CLUB). With some of the throwback acts that make up the bill already, The Replacements would not only fit in but lead the pack.


We aren’t the only one’s with theories, though. As a matter of fact, the Twittersphere and Facebook world was quite vocal about that, too. Here are some of the predictions or requests, that people threw out there:




















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