Bourbon, mint, and simple syrup – dat’s it! These three ingredients playfully combine to create the stud horse of cocktails: The Mint Julep. Like a stud horse running the derby, the Mint Julep appears sweet and tame, but will run your ass over after two or three in one sitting. I wouldn’t bet against this drink, no sir. If you think you can out drink the julep, your face will be making out with the porcelain throne in the AM.

Our trusted source of information – Wikipedia, tells us that this beloved cocktail originated in the southern states, probably (very accurate) during the mid-eighteenth century. A member of the “smash” family (great name); it is a concoction of spirits infused with muddled mint leaves and is to be drank from a silver or pewter cup. The drink should also be held by the bottom or top edges so frost can form on the outside…Oh, you fancy, huh?

Bartenders all over the country will be muddling til’ their arms fall off this weekend in an effort to keep the drunk ugly hats, and their owners, satisfied until the gun goes off for the 140th Kentucky Derby. Each year, almost 120,000 juleps are served at Churchill Downs during the derby. That’s a butt load of mint. Some custom juleps are even made with imported Irish mint, Woodford Reserve Bourbon, Bavarian ice cubes from the Alps, and oh yeah, just sugar from Australia. No big deal. These suckers cost around $1,000, but all proceeds go to charitable causes.

If you’re ballin’ on a budget this weekend for the derby and need a frosty mint julep to get in the spirit of things, check out these places to imbibe:

Beehive – South End, 541 Tremont St, Boston

Drink – Fort Point, 348 Congress St, Boston

Eastern Standard – Kenmore Sq, 528 Commonwealth Ave, Boston

Ward 8 – North End, 90 N Washington St, Boston

JM Curley – Downtown Crossing, 21 Temple Place, Boston

The Gallows – South End, 1395 Washington St, Boston

Brick & Mortar – Central Sq, 567 Mass Ave, Cambridge