As people continue to mourn the death of Cecil the Lion, the world’s most famous animal rights activist, Jane Goodall, Ph.D., weighed in, managing to find a silver lining in the face of tragedy.

Goodall released a statement through the Jane Goodall Institute Wednesday expressing her anger at the senselessness of Cecil’s killing.

“I was shocked and outraged to hear the story of Cecil, Zimbabwe’s much loved lion,” the statement reads. “Not only is it incomprehensible to me that anyone would want to kill an endangered animal (fewer than 20,000 wild lions in Africa today) but to lure Cecil from the safety of a national park and then to shoot him with a crossbow…? I have no words to express my repugnance.”

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But, similar to Jimmy Kimmel’s impassioned speech on the subject, Goodall concluded her statement by trying to accentuate the positive.

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