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The current bid for a pair of Drake’s supposedly worn sneakers is up to $99,900 on eBay. Almost $100,000?! You could buy a house with that money.

Drizzy wore a pair of the custom black and metallic gold version of the OVO edition Jordan Xs to a Toronto Raptors game in his honor this week (at which he announced the starting lineup), but we aren’t sure if these are THE ones he wore. He posted an Instagram snap on the night of the game of what looks like seven identical sneaker boxes to the ones that are listed on eBay, and a few others that aren’t showing labels. The auction site’s user stroll_10 was apparently gifted with the J’s and decided to cash in on Drake’s generosity. “Received them from Drake himself at Drake night at the Raptors,” the listing plainly describes. “Drake was seen wearing the same ones at the game that night.”

There’s still four days, six hours left to bid. Thirty-five people have inquired about the shoes,

The “Pound Cake” rapper first posted a picture of the custom OVO Xs on Instagram in December.