Ever seen a photo that evokes pure, unadulterated triumph? This picture of a weightlifter literally jumping for joy is one of them.

It’s of Lesman Paredes, a 19-year-old weightlifter from Colombia competing in the 2015 Junior Weightlifting Championships in Wroclaw, Poland this past June.

Gregor Winter snapped the photo for All Things Gym and explained how it came about.

“In weightlifting, you have six attempts to lift the absolute heaviest weight you can,” Winter said. “Three for the Snatch, and three for the Clean and Jerk.”

“In the Clean and Jerk, Lesman opened with 185kg, then chose 190kg on his second attempt, which he missed.”

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“So,” Winter said, “[Paredes] had to come back on his third and final attempt to make the lift.”

Lesman nailed the final attempt, and Winter captured his exuberant reaction at the perfect moment.

The photo rocketed to the front page of Reddit.

True to form, users went to work making hilarious Photoshopped versions.

vader gym

gym shower

lesman peter pan

Jokes aside, Lesman’s pure joy after that final lift is palpable. It gives you the feeling that, when you put your mind to it, anything is possible.

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[Photos via Gregor Winter/All Things Gym]