Halftime at college football games usually means ducking into the tunnels to hit the bathrooms and/or concession stands. But if I went to Ohio State, I’d never leave my seat, thanks to the consistent awesomeness of the  The Ohio State University Marching Band, who wowed the non-bathroom-using faithful with this tribute to classic rock during Saturday’s game against Rutgers.

guitar smash OSU


The routine included tributes to the Rolling Stones, the Edgar Winter Group, and an incredible salute to The Who, set to “Pinball Wizard.”

pinball wizard OSU

As much as it pains me to say this as an alumnus of University of Wisconsin-Madison, the OSU marching band has proved itself time and time again to be the premier marching band in the nation. They’ve already done tributes to “The Wizard of Oz” and classic TV shows this year, not to mention the other amazing routines of years past.  We make a big deal about football players never having time for school between endless practices and conditioning, but what about marching band members? They somehow conceive these shows, learn the music and practice the precise steps all in under a week? Get these kids some scholarships.

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