With five films slated for release this year, 2014 just might be the year of Kevin Costner. The latest release, “Draft Day,” is his third so far in 2014. This time around, Costner teams up with Jennifer Garner and Denis Leary for a saga that deals with love, compromise, hope, and the battle to try and please a pain-in-the-ass boss. Directed by Ivan Reitman (“Ghostbusters” and “Animal House”), the film tells the story of general manager Sonny Weaver, who is battling old demons and the loss of his father, whom he fired from his team years ago. Sonny’s past, present, and future all collide on this NFL Draft Day.

We caught up with the film’s star, Kevin Costner, and director Ivan Reitman, to talk about the making of the movie. Costner even explains what his deal is with all the sports movies.