One of the biggest TVĀ events of the night was the midseason premiere of The Walking Dead, which saw the death of yet another prominent character.

This post contains major spoilers. Stop now, or forever hold your peace.

Viewers still reeling from the death of Beth in the midseason finale were likely apprehensive of the gang’s plan to visit Noah’s childhood home. When they arrived, the gated community was overrun by walkers. Tyreese joined Noah for an emotional visit to his house. Tyreese started looked through Noah’s childhood photos, noting he had a twin.

And because it’s The Walking Dead, the zombified version of Noah’s twin brother popped out and bit him.

Oh no.

the walking dead zombie bite

On the edge of death, Tyreese was visited by some old faces.


Beth, Lizzie and Mika appeared, telling Tyreese to be at peace with himself.


Bob (another friendly survivor who perished earlier this season) joined in as well.

And some not-so-friendly ones.


Martin the cannibal showed up to assail Tyreese, blaming his inability to kill Martin for the many subsequent deaths of his friends.

the governor

And the big bad Governor showed up too, trying to convince Tyreese to kill himself.

On the edge of passing, Tyreese was jolted back to reality as Michonne chopped his arm off, hoping to save his life.

the walking dead chop gif

But it was too late.

the walking dead tyreese burial

Losing Tyreese is a big blow for the show. A fan favorite in both the comic and television series, his struggles with morality resonated with viewers, and his time caring for Lizzie and Mika, as well as Rick’s infant daughter, ingratiated him to the other survivors. Part of his appeal can be attributed to actor Chad Coleman, who won fans over as Cutty, a good-hearted man with a troubled past looking for redemption on HBO’s The Wire.

Hopefully Coleman will land a big role again soon, because viewers are going to miss him almost as much as the show will miss Tyreese.