Boston resident Jason Hill might better be described as “Viner of the Day,” but only if you can catch him on the right day. Hill has a knack for uploading multiple videos, most of which feature colorful impressions of his friends and family, though he has also tried to captivate the essence of a few celebrities. Hill only posts on Vine every couple of weeks, but he maintains his audience of 112 thousand followers by going a little vine-crazy when he uploads. Within these vine-posting marathons, Hill always incorporates a theme: something he can rant about and the audience can connect to. With a collection of what we’ll call “light-heartedly aggressive” vines, Hill offers commentary on folks in modern society. Sure most of his vines end in him yelling at someone, but it’s all in good fun.

On September 18, Hill went on a typical posting bender and uploaded ten vines. It isn’t clear how long it took him to put the videos together but there is a noticeable wardrobe change about halfway through the spree. Hill starts out by mocking stereotypical female complaints in a few vines simply titled “girls.”

Once he is changed into a more casual getup, Hill sets up camp on his couch to make a short series entitled, “Charming husband.” In this collection of five videos, Hill creates a dialogue between a chipper wife and her less than accommodating husband. It is unclear whether Hill is basing the script off of a TV-based couple or if Vine is serving as an outlet for personal family trauma.

On October 2 Hill did another series of vines based on him venting to people over the telephone. In “Teachers always had to correct me…”its not ‘can’ i use the bathroom, its ‘may’ i use the bathroom”…eat glass.” Hill explains his frustration with authority figures who pick on the way he phrases questions. Again, it is unclear if he is getting over a scarring childhood experience or whether he is able to summon the anger and inspiration for random things.

Later that day, Hill kept up with his talking on the phone theme, but for the first time in months he had a friend co-star in the video with him. It’s kind of comforting to know that Hill isn’t always just talking to himself; granted, this particular friend can’t really answer him, but it’s the thought that counts.