When it comes to Boston’s arts and music scene, Joe Turner is a true do’er of things. You may know him better as “Video Joe,” the man creating trippy visuals during live sets for bands like QUILT and MMOSS, you may have seen him filling in behind the kit for various bands around town, but Turner also kicks out jams of his own with his band the Seven Levels. Producing fueled-up psych power pop for about a decade now, Turner and his band have gradually risen to local legend status, with both a prolific output of new material throughout the years and a positive rapport among the Boston music communities.

Now, with a new album, “Girls Get Drugs For Free,” due out in July, Turner & the Seven Levels are debuting a brand new video from the album’s single “New Prescription.” Directed by Mark Phinney, the man behind the recent hit film “FAT,” which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, as well as many other projects in the Boston film and improv scenes, the video features Turner himself looking for the right dose to try and get back on his feet. You can see it in its full glory above, and keep your eyes out for “Girls Get Drugs For Free,” which will be released with a show at TT’s with Slowdim and The I Want You on July 2.