Somerville horror rock heroes, Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion! are local music’s mystery men, hopping from basement to club to record store, ripping through surfy licks and remaining suspiciously incognito throughout. In reality, the men who make up Beware, although masked onstage, have been journeymen of the Boston scene, but came together to put a classic angle back on the burgeoning genre of surf rock.

“Planet Slime,” is just that– a punky twist on riff-driven Dick Dale constructions, making for the perfect mix of groovable progressions, and chase-scene themes. Beware is a party band of sorts (especially if it’s a beach party, if those happen anymore), but don’t let that mislead you. One shot of this band in the live setting, and you’ll realize how intricate their playing style is. The video, shot by Avi Paul Weinstein, the same fella who has brought us ’90s inspired videos from bands like Fat Creeps, is an accurate depiction of the band and their hazed out instrumental mystique.

Along with the new video, Beware is releasing 7″ with a release show at Store 54 in Allston this Saturday as part of Awesome Day Fest 2014. The “Caught Dead EP,” which features “Planet Slime,” was recorded as part of a Converse Rubber Tracks session at Q Division Studios. Check out these tunes in the stream below, and catch the band playing them live this weekend.