Amanda Pierner-Lytge was working at a synagogue when she noticed a Greenfield, Wisconsin police officer working security helping an elderly man tie his tie. Then she decided to start recording.

“With all of the negativity that police officers receive, I want this to go viral,” she says in the video. With over 335,000 Facebook shares and over 7.5 million views, it’s safe to say Pierner-Lytge got her wish.

According to WISN, the man, Don Abrams, wanted to look his best at the synagogue. But because of the debilitating effects of Parkinson’s disease, previously simple tasks like tying a tie have been a struggle.

“I’ve worn a tie every day for 40 years,” Abrams told WISN. “And now I can’t tie it, and it’s very frustrating.”

Meanwhile, the officer who helped Abrams, Greenfield Detective Jason Birschbach, told WISN that the attention he’s received is unnecessary, but is pleased people get to see the positive side of police officers.

“I think people relate to that, because they’re happy to see things in the media that are positive towards police,”¬†Birschbach said.

Abrams certainly appreciated the positive actions of Det. Birschbach.

“He was acting in a positive way,” Abrams said, before pausing to collect himself. “And it’s… it’s very heartwarming.”