Riding the T can be a stressful experience at times, but it’s difficult to fathom a situation in which one would feel the need to escape a moving train and ride on the roof instead.

Such was the case with a local teenager, but it appears as though his reason for the daring train-surf was simply to get a rise out of his friends. The passenger, who was filmed pulling the stunt on a moving Orange Line MBTA train, then posted the video to his Facebook page, where it was shared more than 200 times, and caught the attention of Boston Magazine. There is no reason, at the moment, to believe that the video is fake, even though the actions of the surfer, which included handstands and just barely dodging an overpass, are so unbelievably stupid that they’re hard to grasp.

The original poster of the video included the message, “Subway surfing in real life lmfaoo!” While the video has garnered a huge wave of attention, not everyone is laughing, including MBTA officials who are aware that the video exists.

According to Boston Magazine, MBTA officials are currently investigating the surfing incident, and the surfer himself could face charges that, MBTA spokesperson Joe Pesaturo says, at the “very least,” will involve trespassing.