During the cold winter months, here at BDCwire we took a little field trip to shake off the wind chill and heat ourselves up with a nice layer of alcohol. Downeast Cider is a small cider company located in Charlestown near the lovely Tobin Bridge.

Ross Brockman and Tyler Mosher are the two characters behind this delightful libation– just two goofy guys from Bates College who decided to “fool around” with some home brewing and took advantage of the fresh produce Maine had to offer. A hard-pressed fresh brew that looks more like it was crafted at your local apple orchard than a brewery, this was a baby born from their fruity foolishness. Tyler and Ross are proud to be distributing all throughout New England and have started to expand their efforts down to New York. The guys were nice enough to let us come in for look at their space, and of course a taste…or six.

You can check out Downeast on their website to locate where you can snag a four pack of your very own.