Ever wanted to get drunk, have sex, start fights, and generally act like a complete lunatic on television? Then the Boston audition for Oxygen’s “Bad Girls Club” is just the place for you.

The reality show, which has spawned 13 seasons and four spin-offs, is supposed to be a place for so-called bad girls to rehabilitate their image and learn to live a more peaceful life, but things don’t usually turn out that way.

For reference, that’s one of approximately 20,000 “Bad Girls Club” fight compilations on YouTube, so it seems fair to say that the bad girls stay pretty bad. Even the official “Bad Girls Club” press release announcing the Boston auditions hedges its bets:

Bad Girls Club will bring together a cast of self-proclaimed ‘bad girls’ in a beautiful mansion. These women recognize that their fun, outrageous behavior has hindered their relationships, careers, and lives. Will living together help them move forward and turn their lives around – or will the claws come out and chaos rule?

Massachusetts may not have casinos yet, but I’m finding an offshore bookie and betting everything I have on claws and chaos.

The auditions will be held Tuesday December 16 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Tequila Rain. Why would any upstanding Boston establishment dare play host to such depraved craziness? Probably because Tequila Rain’s sordid reputation is already well-cemented.

Dubbed the douchiest bar in Boston by Complex Magazine, Tequila Rain is, according to Complex, “dirtier than a Cancun foam party,” and is “a vacation for suburban meatheads looking to hit each other while scantily clad bachelorettes dive heels first into depressing behavior that’ll have them signing divorce papers as soon as the Facebook pictures go up.”

Maybe they should just hold the entire season there.

[img via Oxygen]