On Thursday night, Republican hopeful Donald Trump hosted a rally in Burlington, Vermont. Burlington is the hometown of Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders, whose political career began when he was elected mayor of the city back in the 1981.

Naturally, some of Burlington’s citizens feel the Bern, and weren’t excited to see the Donald, which they communicated. With signs.

But not just any signs. The original #TeamBernie stepped their sign-making game all the way up for Thursday night’s rally, plastering jokes, pop culture references, photoshopped images, personal jabs at Trump, peace signs, hearts, and vague political statements (think: “Love Trumps Hate”) all over their neon poster boards.

Some of these signs accused him of very specific, very hilarious embarrassing habits.

(Come on. The dude owns an eponymous tower. At the very least, he drinks Bud Light Platinum.)

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Others very slyly bullied him, attacking (what we presume to be) his greatest insecurity…

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…while others likened him to iconic villains.

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And some denounced the TrumpTrail in the most passive, Vermont-esque way imaginable.

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Protesters didn’t lose sight of their purpose, though.

They were there for one thing, and one thing only: to reminded the Republican candidate that this was not his territory.

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This was not Trump’s first stop in New England, and it won’t be his last. He will head to Windham, New Hampshire, on January 11. Does the Granite State have what it takes to match the sign-making prowess of Burlington residents? It remains to be seen.