Following Tom Brady’s assertion that he had “no knowledge of any wrongdoing” in the Patriots Deflategate scandal, ESPN’s NFL Live asked panelists Mark Brunell, Jerome Bettis, and Brian Dawkins to react to Brady’s presser.

Each of the players have suffered heartbreaking losses to the Patriots.

Not one of them believed Tom Brady.

Mark Brunell, whose Jaguars lost the 1996 AFC championship to the pre-Brady Patriots, was close to tears.

Jerome Bettis, who lost multiple playoff games to Brady’s teams, couldn’t believe what he heard.

And Brian Dawkins, who lost a Super Bowl to Brady’s Patriots, wanted to know how the 10-time Pro Bowler couldn’t tell there was a difference in something he handles everyday.

brian dawkins

In short, no one on ESPN believed Tom Brady.

brady sadness

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