Feel good

There are few things in this terrible world we live in more precious than a child’s imagination. Nutella, maybe. But the mind of a child is a close second. That’s why the service from toy company Budsies is so cool: they will take a drawing from your child, and turn it into a stuffed animal. Can you say stocking stuffer?

Some of the stuffed animal translations are pretty impressive. How did they manage to make a half-cyborg/half-rabbit so cuddly? This could be the beginning of children being able to enjoy physical manifestations of their imaginary friends. Though if someone tried to make a stuffed animal out of any drawing I made as a kid, it would look more like this.

Check out a few of our favorite Budsies below, or a full album of them here.

stuffed animal 1

stuffed animal 2

stuffed animal 8

stuffed animal 10

stuffed animal 11

stuffed animal 6

stuffed animal 5

You can buy one of your very own here.

[h/t Happy Place]