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Going out on New Year’s Eve is tricky business. If you’re not careful, you could wind up sardined in with a bunch of strangers, holding a $20 flute of bad champagne and struggling to muster some remaining enthusiasm for “Blurred Lines.” But it’s time to leave 2013 — and Robin Thicke — behind. This New Year’s Eve, mark the passing of time among friends, cathartically dancing to timelessly good music. If you’re down, the Together crew has you covered. They’ll be showcasing some of Boston’s finest DJs at Great Scott Tuesday, including the great DJ Kon. While he packs dance floors around the world, luckily for us, Kon will be ringing in the new year at home. Better still, as we wrap up 2013, the master DJ, who has over two decades of experience under his belt, agreed to share some of his favorite tracks of this and other years gone by.

Q. Tell me about a favorite song you grew up listening to that you could easily drop into a DJ set today.

A. The very first song I can ever recall hearing is Jefferson Airplane’s “Miracles” — it was brand new at the time — and that is still getting play today in [original] format or via edits within certain scenes and dance floors. However, just about anything by Chic, GQ, or Machine’s “There I go but for the grace of God…” work on just about all dance floors, as they never went out of style.

Q. This year was all about ’90s revival. What are some of your quintessential ’90s tracks?

A. Mr. Fingers’ “Can You Feel It,” Pal Joey’s “Hot Music,” Inner City’s “Good Life,” River Ocean ft. India’s “Love & Hapiness,” Hard Drive’s “Deep Inside” … so many big tunes. Inner city was about ’89 and Mr. Fingers was originally ’86, but the track was a little different first time around. But those tracks were massive and reached crossover levels through out the ’90s.

Q. Flashing forward, what’s a favorite track from 2013?

A. So many, but one stand out is Lord Echo’s “Molten Lava.” The intro vocals lead you to believe its going to be a melancholy tune, and then… psyche! The track kicks in.

Q. You’ve traveled all over the world, what’s a universally adored track that you could play absolutely anywhere to great effect?

A. Sister Sledge’s “Thinking of you”… end of a set … it’s so digestible, it works within the context of house or hip-hop. It is a certified sing-along classic.

Q. And what’s a perfect track for Boston on New Year’s Eve?

A. Oh, Boston. Anything Beyonce or Rihanna. I’m kidding, but…you know. OK, in no particular order: Teena Marie’s “I Need Your Lovin'” (John Morales’ 12-minute mix), The Police’s “When the World is Running Down,” Pepe Braddock’s “Deep Burnt,” or Rhye’s “The Fall” (Maurice Fulton remix).

How’s that for a New Year’s Eve playlist, Boston? If you want to usher in 2014 with DJ Kon, you can join him, Bosq, Heartstrings, Charles Mazzola, John Barera, and Will Martin this Tuesday, Dec. 31, at Great Scott, starting at 8 p.m.