My first impression of the new Coldplay album “Ghost Stories” was: “Hmm. Sounds like the gang really liked that last Bon Iver album.” A gent who goes by the pen name “Mr. Agreeable” had a decidedly different reaction over at The Quietus. And it’s worth taking a look at.

“…all things considered, Ghost Stories is from its arse to its f***ing elbow, one, long stagnant f***ing pool of premium grade…”

And we’ll leave it at that. You can click here to read the full review, in all its F-bomb-laden glory. Oh, and while 99.9% of the time I would say never, ever, EVER read the comments on anything on the internet ever, this piece falls in the 0.01%. Read the comments. They’re as entertaining as the review.

And for the record, we kinda like the new Coldplay album. So there.