South Shore natives are likely familiar with the over-the-top light display that lights up the home of Hoa Nguyen and his father, Trong Nguyen, on Adams Street in Dorchester. Safe to say that at least their neighbors are.

The duo has been ornamenting their house with more than 200,000 bulbs of all sizes for almost a decade now, aiming to add more and more lights to the display every year. According to a 2012 story from, the family’s elaborate display doesn’t come without its costs, generating roughly $500 on the electric bill every month that it’s up. Trong Nguyen, a native of Vietnam, moved to Dorchester in 2004, and not long after, began building this display with his son. A devout Catholic, Trong looks forward to this time every year, despite the work of art taking him close to five months to complete.

Yesterday, local drone photographer Nick Cosky uploaded an aerial video of this house to YouTube, capturing the festive glow in all of its glory.