Meet Setsu-Chan, an adorable cat from Japan with a horrifying secret: it turns into a horrifying hellspawn when it falls asleep.

adorable cat 1

Aww, hi there Setsu-Chan!

adorable cat 2

What’s going on, little buddy?

adorable cat 3

Uh oh! Is kitty getting a little sleepy?

adorable cat 4

OH GOD! Uh… are you ok, Setsu-Chan? Sorry I yelled, it’s just you — you know what, never mind. Must have been a trick of the light, just forget about it–

adorable cat 5

HOLY MOTHER OF JESUS WHAT iS WRONG WITH YOU DEMON KITTEN? *Pulls out Bible and crucifix, begins delivering last rites*

adorable cat 6

Here lies Setsu-Chan, beloved pet of imgur user Neebus, tragically struck down in the prime of its life by a debilitating case of demonic possession.

adorable cat

Oh, ok, it’s just sleeping. Sweet sassy molassy that was a fright. Don’t ever do that to me again, Setsu-Chan.

[h/t Happy Place; imgs via imgur]