There have been a lot of Boston time-lapse videos in the last couple years, but “A City Upon A Hill,” a collaborative project from two veteran Boston time-lapse videographers, is the best one we’ve seen.

Sean Collins brought us a stunning time-lapse video in the summer of 2013 with “This is Boston”

Then Julian Tryba upped the ante with his innovative layer-lapse technique, which relied on multiple simultaneous time-lapse layers to create the dizzying light show shown here.

With the two working together, the results are as amazing as you’d expect. Here are some of the most evocative images from the video.

The Zakim Bridge at Night

night with zakim

The Moon Rising Over the Pru

pru moon

This Gorgeous Sunset

pru sunset

4th of July Fireworks

4th fireworks 2

The Barking Crab

barking crab

Fenway Park

fenway park

The Obligatory Twinkling Lights Shot

time lapse boston header

Public Workouts at the Hatch Shell

yoga at the hatch shell

Be sure to check out Sean and Julian’s Facebook pages for cool behind-the-scenes looks at the creation of this video.

[A City Upon A Hill]