Third wheeling is a little bit like reaching into a bowl of Starbursts and realizing only yellow ones are left. You still get a Starburst, but it’s obviously the least optimal flavor; you still get to do fun things, but you’re clearly the odd one out.

And from the looks of it, imgur user “earthlyhillgivens” definitely knows what third wheeling is like.

He created an imgur gallery of 11 photos—and appears to be sneakily third wheeling on the same couple in all of them. The series is hilarious, adorable, and, you know, maybe a little bit creepy.

One imgur user commented on the gallery Sunday, asking earthlyhillgivens, “I wanna know what span of time these were taken in. Please say years. Please tell me it was that well planned.”

“Three years,” earthlyhillgivens responded, “And they just got married yesterday.”