In a world where tablets, Kindles, and Buzzfeeds reign supreme, we could use more Madisons.

Madison is an 8-year-old from Cleveland who just can’t get enough books. It’s an enthusiasm that’s so hard to contain that she took to the grand opening of one of the Little Free Libraries that has been opened in the Cleveland area. Little Free Library is a take-a-book/leave-a-book organization that helps small communities spread the joy of reading. Clearly, the joy has spread to Madison, who not only sings the praises of books, but questions what this world would be like without them.

If Madison is like most children, it’s probably safe to assume that the hot gift idea for kids this holiday season wouldn’t be video games, cellphones, or apps, but a nice big chapter book to feed the mind (like gas feeds cars). Let’s give this young lady’s teacher a raise please, and while we’re at it, give Madison the lead in the school play, too.

[h/t Jezebel]