March Madness may keep some of us busy next month, but for those who could care less about basketball, you can catch these new Netflix additions instead. 

Here is a comprehensive list that gives you more than enough reason to be unproductive all day and highlights a couple of titles along the way.

March 1


Desmond Doyle, played by Pierce Brosnan, is left to care for his daughter Evelyn and her two brothers after his wife leaves. However, Irish law states that children cannot be raised in a household without two parents, which leads to Evelyn and her brothers being sent to separate orphanages. It is now up to Desmond, who is not only unemployed but also an alcoholic, to challenge Irish courts to bring his children home.

Other titles include: 

Finding Neverland
Mercy Rule
Monster High: 13 Wishes
Monster High: Ghouls Rule
30 for 30: Of Miracles and Men
Patch Adams
Rules of Engagement
Teen Witch
The Brothers Grimm

March 5

The ABCs of Death 2

This horror-comedy unites 26 different filmmakers that deal with “meeting your maker.” Each storyline corresponds to a different letter of the alphabet. 

Other titles include:

Food Chains 

March 6

Aziz Ansari Live at Madison Square Garden

“Put this ring on your finger so people know we have an arrangement.”

If you’re still feeling lost in life because Parks and Recreation wrapped up their show, you can get a little comedy dosage from Aziz Ansari. 

Other titles include:

My Own Man
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

March 7

Season five of Glee

If you’ve been a long-time fan of Glee, you can now watch (or re-watch) season five on Netflix. As always, this season will promise musical numbers, drama, emotions and don’t be surprised if Sue Sylvester has a few tricks up her sleeve. 

Other titles include:

Season five of Archer 

March 9

Tyler Perry’s The Single Moms Club

Five single mothers are asked to organize the school’s upcoming dance and fundraiser when their children are caught spray painting graffiti. Despite the fact that the single ladies all have different backgrounds and experiences, they realize they all need support. Together, they form the “Single Moms Club” to help ease their stress and realize that finding love is a possibility again.

Other titles include:

After the Fall
Cesar Chavez
The Angriest Man in Brooklyn

March 10

Monsters High: Haunted

Monster High: Haunted  is a TV movie that seems to be a supernatural version of Bratz. A group of girls are sucked into a parallel universe to uncover the mystery of what is haunting Draculaura. It also looks like one really bad film. 

March 11

How To Train Your Dragon 2

After overcoming a viking-dragon rivalry, Hiccup and Toothless now spend their time charting the island’s unmapped territories. During their adventures, they uncover a secret cave home to hundreds of wild dragons and its mystery rider who also happens to be Hiccup’s long lost mother. They all then find themselves in a battle to protect their home from a greedy but dangerous warrior named Drago. 

March 15

Complete series of 3rd Rock From The Sun

A group of aliens travel to Earth to report what life is like. Disguised as a human, commander Dick Solomon takes the position of a college professor and along for the ride are Harry, Sally and Tommy– all of whom are unfamiliar with human interactions, emotions, and behavior. Their uninhibited reactions turn what would be normal everyday events into unusual situations.

Other titles include:

Complete series of A Different World
Marvel & ESPN Films Present: 1 of 1: Genesis

March 17

You’re Not You

Kate, played by Hilary Swank, is a classical pianist recently diagnosed with ALS. Bec is an arrogant college student who can barely keep her life together. When Bec accepts a job to be Kate’s caregiver, both women unexpectedly rely on each other and develop an unlikely bond. 

Other titles include:


March 19

Life Itself

Life Itself is a documentary that revolves around the life of film critic Roger Ebert. It features his career highlights, personal life, his battle with alcohol, as well as his rivalry and partnership with Gene Siskel. 

March 20

God’s Not Dead

Freshman Josh Wheaton enrolls in a philosophy class where the professor requires all students to submit a signed statement that says “God is dead.” However, Josh refuses to do so because of his own religious beliefs. Professor Radisson challenges him to defend his position and if he cannot do so, Josh will fail his class.  

Other titles include:

First season of Bloodline 

March 22

Season seven of Mad Men

If you are a Mad Men fan and still don’t know what it’s about by season seven, you should probably start from the beginning again. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should still start from the first season.

March 23

November Man

After five years of retirement, CIA veteran Peter Devereaux is asked to help retrieve a Russian agent who is armed with incriminating evidence on a corrupt Russian leader. However, when a different CIA team shows up, his mission goes south and the Russian agent is killed. Peter becomes a rogue agent and enlists a relief worker, played by Olga Kurylenko, to even out the playing field. 

March 25

Frankie & Alice

Frankie & Alice is a story about a stripper named Frankie, played by Halle Barry, who is struggling with a multiple personality disorder. She fights to remain her true self while coinciding with her alter-egos: a 7-year-old child named Genius and a Southern white racist named Alice. Frankie works with a psychotherapist to uncover the mystery of what’s haunting her.

Other titles include:

Garfunkel and Oates

March 31

Ask Me Anything

Recently graduated from high school, Katie Kampenfelt — played by Britt Robertson — takes a gap year before college to discover herself. As suggested by her guidance counsellor, Katie starts an anonymous blog that chronicles sexual details with her boyfriend as well as her affair with a college professor, played by Justin Long. Through her writing and taking on a nanny job, she reflects on childhood events and herself and goes from a brash teenager to a sympathetic young adult. 

Other titles include:

The Man With the Iron Fists


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