Instagram fame is an accomplishment that many would (theoretically?) kill for. Having people follow your every move on social media is pretty thrilling–just ask these Internet-famous Massachusetts-based pups. They may not actually be able to answer, but they’re not strangers to the spotlight. All of them have snagged major online popularity due to their fuzzy adorableness. 

So move over, Matt and Ben–these critters just might steal your spots as Boston’s cutest celebrities.

1. Nacho

A photo posted by Nacho (@nachodogg) on

Handle: @nachodogg

Number of followers: 93.5k

Nacho is a 3-year-old French Bulldog from Boston who has his very own calendar.

2. Charlie

A photo posted by Charlie! (@thispugslife) on

Handle: @thispugslife

Number of followers: 20.4k

Charlie sometimes allows cameos from pug pal and fellow IGer, Jameson. It’s a squish-faced cute fest you won’t want to miss.

3. Sir Harvard Dangerfield

Handle: @harvarddangerfield

Number of followers: 19.8k

Harvard is a 12-year-old therapy dog, Internet celebrity, and heart-melter from Wayland. According to his official website, he is 62 percent fluff.

4. Sophie

A photo posted by @capecodpup on

Handle: @capecodpop
Number of followers: 18.3k

Sophie is sunnier than a nice day on the beach. She makes the occasional trip to Boston from the peninsula, so keep an eye out–just recently she was in the Common.

5. Knox, Bear, and Harper

Handle: @knox_and_bear

Number of followers: 17.4k

The Dogstagram @knox_and_bear features three for the price of one. Uber-photogenic South End sweethearts Knox, Bear, and Harper pose for photos on the reg. Expect solo shots, family photos, and stylish collars.

6. Maggie

A photo posted by Maggie (@maggiethecairn) on

Handle: @maggiethecairn
Number of followers: 9,811

Is that Toto? No, it’s Maggie, the Cairn Terrier from Massachusetts whose adorable antics are documented on social media. And we’re happy they are.

7. Brandy and Moose

A photo posted by @brandy_and_moose on

Handle: @brandy_and_moose

Number of followers: 8,250

Double trouble. Brandy, a lab mix, and Moose, a Bernese mountain dog, cheese it up regularly on their ‘gram. Oh, and they’re big-time Pats fans. Furry New England die-hards—is there anything better?

8. Fergus

Handle: @fergusthespringer
Number of followers: 2,881

This springer spaniel named Fergus–aka, Fergulicious–likes to play ball with his mom. He also likes to watch ball, apparently—another canine Pats fan to adore on the daily.

9. Ueli

A photo posted by Ueli (@ueliboy) on

Handle: @ueliboy

Number of followers: 2,611

Ueli is a Berger Blanc Suisse, a Shepherd-esque breed that hails from Switzerland. To match the chicness and rarity of his breed, Ueli posts uber-aesthetic, high-quality Instagram photos that rival the top photography accounts in the area. 

10. Rosie

Handle: @rosiebostonbullie
Number of followers: 1,924

This 2-year-old Bulldog named Rosie hops around the South Shore, posting photos from local favorite spots like the South Shore Plaza, Pope John Paul II Park, and Castle Island. What could be better than gorgeous landmarks plus a precious pup?

11. Theo

A photo posted by @theodore.ahn on

Handle: @theodore.ahn

Number of followers: 1,637

Dog? Or real-life teddy bear? Theo is a Havanese/tiny fluff ball who hangs around the city and poses in iconic, Instagrammable spots. It’s even better when Theo does it, because Theo is more camera-ready than any of us scraggly humans.

12. Abby

A photo posted by Abby The Corgi (@corgiabby) on

Handle: @corgiabby
Number of followers: 1,247

This 13-year-old Corgi lives the New England sweet life, hanging out on the beach with her family and strolling around the city at her leisure. We’re jealous of Abby because her days are so lax. And we’re jealous of Abby’s family because she’s so precious.

13. Maya and Kobe

Handle: @maya.kobe

Number of followers: 995

Maya, a Maltipoo, and her little brother, Kobe, a Shiba Inu, stop for smile shots all around town. Sometimes, they wear bowties. And those are the best times.

Honorable mention: Callie

Callie was a golden retriever who appeared in many photos of Acorn Street, the super-notable alleyway in Beacon Hill. She passed away earlier this month. We love and miss you, Callie. 

All follower counts are reflective of numbers found on December 24, 2015.