Over the past few years, ugly sweater parties have become a Millennial tradition to the likes of endlessly quoting “Home Alone” and putting the yule log setting on your On Demand for ambience.

Allergies have largely put me out of the ugly sweater game, but for those who are less sniffle-prone, these festive woolen garments are a means of expression and celebration. But isn’t it a drag to have to search for hours upon hours in different thrift stores, or even worse, crack the whip on poor old grandma to work overtime in her knitting hobby? There’s an easier way, and it’s all thanks to Rent the Runway.

A company formed by two Harvard Business School students, Jennifer Hyman and Jennifer Carter Fleiss, the clothing rental service was formed as an affordable way for trendy people to diversify their wardrobes. The company has received over $50 million in venture capital since its launch in 2009, and specializes in everything from bridesmaid dresses to handbags to luxury items. For those “Parks and Rec” fans out there, think Tom Haverford’s over-the-top startup “Rent-A-Swag.”


Now, Rent the Runway is getting in the holiday spirit, doling out ugly sweaters for $15 dollars a pop, which should save you both the time and the mothballs. The styles come in cardigan, vest, and many more, and can be viewed here. This holiday season, don’t be the dink in a regular sweater. Pick up one of these ugly ones, and eat, nog, and be merry.


[h/t Techcrunch]