If you’re anything like me, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade has lost its luster. Why wake up early to watch gigantic inflatable gas-filled corporate monstrosities when I could turn on cable news any day of the week? The best way to do Thanksgiving morning is to sleep in until noon to fight off that Night Before Thanksgiving hangover, and watch the National Dog Show.

Without further ado, here are the winners (and losers) of 2014’s main event.

Best in Show: Nathan the Bloodhound

Nathan the Bloodhound

Nathan was a fine choice for the Best in Show, and really seemed like a friendly pup. I also learned that a bloodhound’s nose is so fine-tuned it’s the only breed whose scent-detection is admissible as court evidence.

Best in Show (Personal Pick): Bogey the Samoyed

bogey the samoyed

No disrespect to Nathan, but Bogey the Samoyed, who managed to snag the Reserve Best in Show (aka the first runner-up prize), melted my heart. Look at that little snoozing fluffball!

bogey the samoyed

Best Hair Style: The Komondor


Need a new kitchen mop? Cut a few cords off this fella and you should be good to go.

Best Commentary: The Pekingese


From NBC dog show commentator David Frei: “You could walk this dog backwards for two years without even realizing it.”

Worst Mistake: The Runaway Miniature Pinscher

For the first time in host John O’Hurley’s memory, a dog got loose during the judging and ran across the staging area, leading to much laughter from the crowd and tears of embarrassment from the loose-handed handler.

And for the completionists out there, here are all seven winners of the respective groups.

From top left: French Bulldog (Non-Sporting Group), Bearded Collie (Herding Group), Affenpinscher (Toy Group), Bloodhound (Hound Group), Samoyed (Working Group), Gordon Setter (Sporting Group), Smooth Fox Terrier (Terrier Group).