Boston Calling music festival took over City Hall Plaza all weekend, and with it various characters of all styles and personalities occupied the space between the brutalist structures. BDCwire was on a mission to find some of the most interesting folks in the crowd, and award them with a title that they could carry with them until September’s festival. With that in mind, the “superlatives” of Boston Calling was created. Check out some of the faces in the crowd, and their various notable qualities. If you spotted any other strange wardrobe choices or personality traits at Boston Calling this year, feel free to post them as well.

1. Most unaware of what’s happening
Granted the festival hadn’t even started yet, but setting up your blanket 30 feet from the main stage? You’re better than that.

2. Drunkest person
This guy had a beer in his hand all weekend. We were starting to become worried.

3. Most colorful short shorts
Can’t lie, he fills them out nicely.

4. Best body suits
John Basedow, eat your heart out.

5. Best pants
The other leg had stars. A fine get-up for Memorial Day.

6. Best flower headdresses
“These ones have real flowers.” Damn hippies.

7. Most likely not to shave
Nor should he. Pete from Narragansett has one of the finest face-mops in town.

8. Best rap squat

9. Dopest jacket
“My mom bought this in Paris in ’91. I just thought it looked fresh.” With the 47 Brand hat to boot, we’d say it looks fresh to death.

10. Biggest bronies
Well maybe not, but any gal sporting a My Little Pony dress is likely to attract a brony or two.

11. Most likely to self-hack
JNCO jorts and hacky sacking, it’s like Woodstock ’99 all over again.

12. Most shredtastic shirt

13. Most Hulkified hat

14. Best way to spread the good word
We tried renting a blimp, but apparently those cost money.

15. Most likely to miss the Jack Johnson show but show up for it two days later
This pic was taken Sunday, this dude was still vibin’ so hard.

16. Most definitely eating a lemon (?)
Whatever floats your boat, man.

17. Most animalistic
Tigerman WOAH! sure can rock the hell out of some overall cutoffs.

18. Most likely to not admit he’s a hipster.
Bro, do you even OWN a record player?

19. Most defiant
She likes sitting, okay?

20. Most likely to shoot pucks
Shawn Thornton, even in his friendliest state, looks like he wants to tear your face off.