Feel good

This is 5-year-old Josiah Duncan.


He was dining in a local Waffle House in Prattville, Alabama with his mom, Ava Faulk, when he saw a man wearing sooty clothes. Josiah was troubled by the man’s appearance, and asked his mom why the stranger was dirty.

“Well, because he’s homeless,” Ava Faulk said.


Josiah peppered his mom with questions about homelessness, and then encouraged her to buy the stranger a meal.

“Nobody really waited on him,” Faulk said. “So Josiah jumped up and asked if he needed a menu because you can’t order without one.”

But not only did Josiah want to help this man in a small way, he also wanted to sing a blessing. According to Ava, the sight of the small boy singing brought the man to tears.


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