If 1986 taught us anything, it’s that pre-game self-written team anthems do not hold up over time. 

Despite it providing them with some good juju going into Super Bowl XX, the Chicago Bears showed very little rhythm in “The Super Bowl Shuffle.”

As poor as it was, the rap provided enough juice to send the team to a ridiculous 46-10 victory over the Patriots, who had an even worse pseudo-anthem of their own. Both fight songs combined, however, weren’t nearly as bad as the one that the BC mens hockey team wrote to gear up for the 1986 Beanpot tournament.

The “Beanpot Trot” has about the same amount of soul as you’d expect to come out of Chestnut Hill. With killer bars from Scott Gordon (Brockton native and longtime Providence Bruins coach) and many more, the team fails to rap to the beat once throughout its ten verses, but at least they look like they’re having fun. Judging solely from the four-minute video, the Beanpot Trot itself looks like a rather simple– really just a top-heavy sway with no rhyme or reason accompanied by a clap after each verse.

“Beanpot Trot” didn’t take the Eagles all that far in 1986, as they lost 4-1 to BU in the final.

[h/t Ethan]