The “Rap-Up” is a bi-weekly series highlighting new hip-hop music out of Boston. For this installment (May 30-June 13), we have five new songs and videos including releases from Cousin Stizz, Gio Dee, Cam Meekins, JunkFood Kings and a collaborative track from Deon Chase, Avenue and Slumdog Hill.


Cousin Stizz – “Life”
“Life” is the first single off Cousin Stizz’s upcoming debut mixtape, “Suffolk County.” The Humbeats-produced banger dropped Thursday night along with an announcement that the 22-year-old Dorchester native’s tape is set to release next month. The motivational cut is fueled by a head-knocking instrumental, confident bars riddled with flavor and catchy hooks relatable to all: “You ever wonder what it all really means? That’s life, life, when you tryna make it, overworked and underappreciated…”

Gio Dee – “Come Clean” (Video)
With his upcoming mixtape “#TOTB2” on the way, Gio Dee recently dropped off a new video single called “Come Clean.” It’s one of his most powerful records to date, one that he uses to spill his soul over beautiful, horn-laced production from Humbeats. The video—simple, but effective—finds Dee riding through the city pondering life as he gazes out the windows, rapping about the transitions he’s experiencing on his climb to the top.

Cam Meekins – “Hater” (Video)
Cam’s recently released album, “1993 Vol. 2,” peaked at #3 on the iTunes Hip-Hop charts and also charted on Billboard, an exciting accomplishment for an indecently released (Lamp City Records) album. Last week, Cam supplemented the album’s lead single, “Hater,” with an official video that serves as a bit of social commentary on top of being a visually entertaining clip. The 21-year-old artist also announced that he will be touring with Down With Webster next month. See here for dates.

Deon Chase ft. Avenue and Slumdog Hill – “BLVD Dreams”
The latest from frequent collaborators Deon Chase and Avenue—”BLVD Dreams”—dropped earlier this week. The soulful cut is fueled by a catchy, honest hook from Avenue and an engaging verse from Deon in which he switches flows flawlessly and provides listeners insight into his own “boulevard dreams.” The track also features a guest verse from Slumdog Hill.

JunkFoodKings – “Wood”
This one dropped just over two weeks ago, but it’s worth a mention here because it’s one of the hardest songs out of Boston this year. The JunkFood Kings—comprised of Original Kadeem and rapper/producer Haasan Barclay—is bringing an exciting, grimy edge to the local scene that hasn’t been felt in recent years. The group’s latest single, “Wood,” was released with the phrase “COMMIT CRIMES TO THIS,” and though we don’t recommend that in any form, there’s a good chance one stream of the track might have you feeling a little more rebellious than you did before.

NOTE: This Sunday, catch Cousin Stizz and Gio Dee (in addition to Michael Christmas, Alex Wiley, Kevin Abstract and Kareem $ully) live at Brighton Music Hall. Tickets will be available for $15 at the box office day of show. Doors open at 6 PM.