The “Rap-Up” is a bi-weekly series highlighting new hip-hop music out of Boston. For this installment (July 12-25), we have new tracks from Cousin Stizz, STL GLD, Real P, Natural, and OG Swaggerdick.

Cousin Stizz – “Shoutout”
Cousin Stizz’s “Shoutout” is a certified hit. The third single off his forthcoming project, “Suffolk County,” premiered on Complex last week with a visual, and it’s spreading like wildfire. Racking up over 4,000 YouTube views and 45,000 Soundcloud streams in just eight days, “Shoutout” has very clearly reached well beyond Boston and serves as another example that the 22-year-old rapper is headed in a very promising direction. Obeatz’s mesmerizing production and Stizz’s patient, melodic flow guide the track, and the hook likely won’t leave your head for weeks.

STL GLD ft. Ruste Juxx & Reks – “Zombies”
The dynamic duo of Moe Pope and Arcitype—better known as STL GLD—recruited veteran emcees Ruste Juxx and Reks for guest verses on their latest cut, “Zombies.” It’s the fourth single off their upcoming album, “My Monday Morning Music,” and undoubtedly one of their best yet. The instrumental is brimming with life, and each of the spitters attack it with expected ferocity. With the track, the duo announced that they’ll be taking over Brighton Music Hall on August 15 for their album release party—three days after it releases digitally and via limited edition vinyl. They’ll be joined by Dutch ReBelle, Boogie Boy Metal Mouth, John Robinson, and Latrell James. Not a show you want to miss.

Real P – “We Lack”
Real P is the definition of a triple threat. The emcee/producer/DJ is an absolute staple in Boston’s hip-hop scene, and whether he’s on the mic, behind the boards, or on the ones and twos, he tends to hold it down—to say the least. This week, he dropped off “We Lack,” the latest single off his forthcoming project, “Same Ole Jazz.” It’s a smooth, jazzy cut laced with potent bars, one that requires at least a third or fourth listen to catch everything. The tape drops August 19; be on the lookout.

Natural – “The Red Sermon”
Just prior to jetting off to Ireland for a short stint on the country’s national baseball team, Natural dropped off a new track called “The Red Sermon.” It’s a mashup of a few different Erick Sermon and Redman joints, and in Nat’s words, “I figured I’d take it back to the old school and just rap my ass off. I am working on plenty of new music and look forward to releasing more as I return.” He brings the punchlines out in full—as always—and the result is an entertaining listen.

OG Swaggerdick – “Game Boy Colored” (Mixtape)
OG’s been prepping the world for months, and last week, he followed through on all his promises and released the improbably rare “Game Boy Colored” mixtape. The 15-track tape—which includes appearances from Lil Silk, Cam Meekins, Michael Christmas, Internet legend Bauce Sauce, and more—is incredibly enjoyable and surprisingly cohesive, but the most impressive piece of the puzzle is his website through which he released the project. No description can do it justice, you just need to experience it for yourself. Same thing goes for the tape as a whole, really.