Jimmy Fallon’s popular segment “Lip Sync Battle” is no longer just a funny bit that has us all feeling some type of way. It is now going to be its own television show on Spike TV that features celebrities battling it out on a much bigger level. For those unaware with the popular Tonight Show sketch, here are some fan favorites:

We have definitely seen some epic competition. No one can forget Emma Stone’s performance:

And remember when Kevin Hart and Will Ferrel had a moment?

LL Cool J and Chrissy Teigen will be co-hosts because LL Cool J hosts everything now. The new show’s trailer, which premiered on Buzzfeed, is the convincing you should need. When else are you going to see local boy John Krasinski rocking a silver fringed dress?

Although we’ll have to wait for its debut on April 2, prepare to see a great many celebrities break out their moves like Jagger.