Honk!, Somerville’s activist street band festival, traveled across Cambridge yesterday to spread word about their “brassroots revolution.”

The festival started in Davis square on Friday and charged on through the weekend, offering three days of brass music to Cambridge and Somerville’s finest. The peak came on Sunday, when Honk! hosted a miles-long parade that would grab everyone’s attention long enough to get their point across–and that’s exactly what they did.

Honk!’s website says that the “grassroots, non-profit event” works toward “reclaiming public space with a sound that is in your face and out of this world.”

The parade that spanned from Davis to Harvard square yesterday was the peak of the festival. It incorporated 25 of Honk!’s bands and a vast array of local organizations, all banned together to use music and art as a vehicle for activism.

“On Sunday, local community groups, artists, and activists working for a variety of progressive causes — economic justice, protecting the environment, world peace, an end to racism — join the brass bands to make a spectacular parade from Davis Square to Harvard Square along Mass Avenue,” says Honk!’s website.

Did they pull it off? You be the judge:

Psst…these are videos. Click on them!

The Honk! parade in Harvard Square wasn’t just music–there were other performances, as well…

And elaborate costumes:

Feeling like you missed out? Not to worry.

This was Honk!’s tenth music festival, so you will most assuredly have the chance to go next year and see it for yourself.

Featured image via Instagram/Rodromoran