“Hey, some people said you made a hit song! Here’s a statue depicting outdated technology we’re giving to you during this outdated awards ceremony!” – The Grammys

C’mon. Does this even need to happen anymore? Of course it doesn’t. But it’s happening nonetheless, so we’ll play along and congratulate the Good nominees (i.e., artists we play on RadioBDC) and ignore the Bad ones (i.e., the ones we don’t).

Daft Punk got nods, both for their album “Random Access Memories” and for what ended up being the anthem of the Summer of 2013.

Our girl Lorde netted four nominations, including one for the highly coveted Record of the Year for the song we played here on RadioBDC long before pop radio was wise to the 17-year-old.

Kings of Leon are in good company alongside Queens of the Stone Age and David Bowie in the “Best Rock Album” category, which will no doubt be won by Led Zeppelin. Because, you know, Led Zeppelin, man!

Had enough? Me too. Haven’t had enough? Click here for a list of select noms from