This past weekend, thousands of folk fanatics crowded the confines of Fort Adams State Park for the 55th incarnation of the Newport Folk Festival. The sellout crowd included many families, and more specifically, dads.

Droves and droves of straw-fedora-wearing, banjo-pickin’ dads.

NFF is one, big lawn party in a vacation town. Plus, it ends at 7:30 p.m., which means there’s plenty of time to head back to the hotel toom and watch “Last of the Mohicans.” Everyone brings their boat shoes and applies liberal amounts of sunscreen, and dads flourish. With so many patriarchs simultaneously in their element, we couldn’t help but interview some of them. Anything to help us understand the blossoming phenomenon of dadrock.

Furthermore, to try and glean some fatherly wisdom, we probed them for tips about hauling your progeny to three-day concerts. Of course, they dispensed eagerly – and often at uncomfortable length – but we’re better off for it.

Name: Ben
Number of kids: Two
Most excited to see: Ryan Adams
Fatherly advice: “Smuggle in beer, because they don’t let kids in the beer garden.”
Intangibles: We caught Ben trying to sneak his toddler into the beer tent, proving that it’s never too early to enter the “cool dad” phase.

Name: John
Number of kids: One (10 weeks old, probably the youngest kid at the festival)
Most excited to see: Willie Watson
Fatherly advice: “Gear up – keep your kid happy and cool.”
Intangibles: John came equipped with sensory-deprivation earmuffs and an inflatable tent. Following your own advice? Sounds like every dad we’ve ever heard of.

Name: Scott
Number of kids: One
Most excited to see: (After checking the lineup on his phone) Hurray for the Riff Raff
Fatherly advice: “Keep them off the beer until the end.”
Intangibles: Scott was rollin’ with a fellow dad who worked into the interview with some classic parental humor, though we didn’t ask him to.

Name: Rocket
Number of kids: Three, two of whom were in attendance
Most excited to see: Jimmy Cliff (though he heard Ryan Adams put on a “pretty dope” show)
Fatherly advice: “Give your kids a budget. Give them $20 and tell them that’s what they get for the day. That way, they’re not bugging you to buy this or that all day.”
Intangibles: When we asked this guy what his name was, he said “Rocket.”

Name: Eric
Number of kids: One
Most excited to see: Eric said that Newport Folk Fest was “like Christmas” to him, though his daughter was looking forward to Jack White, specifically
Fatherly advice: “Lots of naps beforehand, for sure. Nap on the way in so that they don’t get cranky.”
Intangibles: Eric’s daughter was clearly embarrassed by this interview, but he cajoled her into participating anyway.

Name: Tom
Number of kids: Two
Most excited to see: Shakey Graves and Nickel Creek
Fatherly advice: “Bring things to keep the kids entertained – playing cards or board games.”
Intangibles: Deferred to his wife and kids on every single answer.

Name: Conrad
Number of kids: Two
Most excited to see: Shovels and Rope and Kurt Vile
Fatherly advice: “Make sure to bring the grandparents, too.”
Intangibles: Salt and pepper beard. So DILF.

Name: Brandon
Number of kids: One
Most excited to see: Benjamin Booker
Fatherly advice: “Reset your expectations. Now, it’s more about us and family time, and you can’t see everything you want to anymore.”
Intangibles: Brandon was an absolute wellspring of new-dad joy. You could see him beam with pride every time a random concertgoer gushed about his stomping toddler daughter.

Name: Larry
Number of kids: Two “that he knows of”
Most excited to see: Dawes
Fatherly advice: “Don’t bring your kids unless they’re drinking age.”
Intangibles: After we interviewed Larry, he asked his kids if they were going to “go viral.”

Name: George Wein
Number of kids: 55 folk concerts at Fort Adams
Most excited to see: The turnout, we suppose. NFF 2014 was another huge success for Wein.
Fatherly advice: Volumes and volumes that we weren’t privy to
Intangibles: The NFF founder rolls around his festival in a golf cart labeled “The Wein Machine.” He’s every father’s retirement fantasy.