Michael Bergin and Jay Foster, the infamous Boston sea monstah duo, showed the world the goofier side of Boston on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night.

But what happened to the baby freakin’ whale Mike and Jay were so enamored with? If eyewitness accounts are to be believed, the behemoth has resurfaced on the Red Line.

That wasn’t Mikey B. behind the camera this time, though. It was Keith Hollis, a local comedian who decided to shoot the footage with fellow comic and “baby wheel” Ryan Kevin Wall.

According to Hollis, shooting the skit took a few attempts, as the T often got too crowded, and at one point a group of people asked Wall in his whale suit to pose for a selfie. But eventually they got the shot right.

Hollis says the train’s reaction was very positive.

“About half of the passengers knew about Mike and Jay’s video because they were laughing at the lines I was saying,” Hollis said. “The other half were laughing because it was funny seeing a baby whale on the T just looking sad!”

Hollis isn’t the only one jumping on the Mike and Jay train in the eight days since first covered the video.

We’ve seen NSFW remixes…


baby whale meme

…and even a T-shirt.

Some may believe that Bergin and Foster’s 15 minutes of fame are nearing their end, but as Bergin would say, “That is still good meat on that [expletive] fish, kehd.”

[h/t Steve Annear]