I first saw The Black Keys live at Avalon in November of 2005. They were on the Rubber Factory tour and, to this, day, I’ve never seen two musicians make such a wonderful racket.

Dan and Pat came back in November of 2006 and played Avalon again–still as a two-piece–touring on their Magic Potion album. More wonderful, hairy, blues-soaked noise. Two years later, they took the stage at the Orpheum. Two years after that, it was a summer show at the Pavilion, and they’d added two members to their touring band. Now, they’re a four-piece full-time. And when they come to Boston? They’re headlinin’ the Gahden, kehd.

It’s been an interesting experience to watch The Black Keys’ live show evolve over the last decade. And it’s interesting now to have Dan and Pat sharing their thoughts on performing live. If, like me, you were in the room for one of those early shows from 10 years-or-so ago, here’s something else you’ll dig.