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EDIT: It has come to our attention that the original tweets came from the account Reasons My Son is Crying, or @ReasonsMySonCry. Throw him a follow, and we’ve replaced the tweets with his original posts.


If you haven’t had this link forwarded to you by a bevy of aunts, coworkers and roommates by now, let us do you a solid. Why My Kid Cried, though less than fifty tweets deep and less than a week old, has already proved itself as one of the best uses of the medium. Parents submit a silly reason their kid burst into tears and – here’s the dark part – must also submit a picture of said child crying. The result is nothing less than hilarious.

Prepare for happy tears.





 Classic example of parents limiting their child’s potential through fear.






Consider this our formal petition for an identical picture of Tom Brady.  





There’s probably a French existentialist metaphor for the lives that we all lead somewhere in here, but I’m too lazy to hash it out. Aren’t we all in timeout for no reason, in a way? Someone write their senior thesis on that.

And the motherload…






You don’t want to admit that you’ve felt this way, but we formally call your bluff if you say you haven’t.

Keep refreshing your feed for more reasons to weep.