As you may have heard, Somerville resident Kyle Waring has marketed and monetized autumn by selling fall foliage to people on the Internet via his business startup, Ship Foliage.

And now, as Boston magazine points out, Waring is making it easier than ever before to create Pinterest-perfect fall-themed greeting cards.

Thanks to his new promotion, the “Thanksgiving Do-It-Yourself Kit,” anybody can turn dead leaves into a work of art that would make a Michael’s employee proud.

According to Ship Foliage’s website, Ship Foliage’s Thanksgiving kit comes with: “five authentic New England foliage leaves, hand collected and preserved; two pieces of premium card stock – good for two Thanksgiving letters; one leaf template – can use in the design and/or trace; multiple pieces of accent paper; at least 12 inches of twine.”

Each and every kit is unique, though, so there’s no risk of having an Instagram post that’s identical to that of some other upcycler.

The kits cost $50, but they’re currently on sale for $40 plus the cost of shipping. Waring is only selling a limited number, so if this is something you’re into, buy it while you still can. Much like the season that inspired it, this promotion won’t last forever.