Everybody knows that, if you eat something, you attain it’s power.

That’s why that dude from “Red Dragon” tried to eat that William Blake painting and why Chinese men have been scarfing tiger dicks as a cure for impotence for thousands of years. It’s science, okay?

Boomf, a British service that has been offering service to the US for almost a year now, allows you to absorb the power of your Instagrams by printing them on marshmallows and delivering them to your door. Users who want to feel the radiance of a California sunset coarsing through their veins can use the company’s web app to select an image from their Insta library and print it to s’more meat. It’ll run you $26 for nine mallows, but that’s hardly an inordinate price to pay for getting a chance to eat that *cute* brunch skillet you got on your trip to Brooklyn again.

The service, which is named after the sound the marshmallows make upon landing on your doorstep, cheerily invites you to “roast your ex over a bonfire,” which really drives home the insanity of this all.