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SCANDAL 3x12 Promotional Photos -- We Do Not Touch the First Ladies
Stuff I Shout at the TV: Trying (and failing) to make sense of this week’s ‘Scandal’

Some important stuff happened in last week’s episode of “Scandal,” “Ride, Sally, Ride.” Jake Ballard started his run as the new head of super-spy agency B-613. President Fitzgerald Grant chose a vice presidential running mate for his campaign — his former lieutenant governor Andrew Guy-Who-They-Never-Gave-A-Last-Name — who it turns out also had a thing with the president’s wife, Mellie. And Harrison Wright finally came face-to-face with a woman he was worried would kill him and … had sex with her. Which I know sounds ridiculous, but you have to understand, this woman is hot and foreign so it actually makes total sense. Also, Harrison, despite being one of the best-looking characters on the show, never gets laid. Ever. So, this is also one of those beggars and choosers things.

But that’s how “Scandal” works. Sometimes ridiculous stuff happens. And last night’s episode, “We Do Not Touch the First Ladies,” followed suit. Here’s a few things it left me shouting at the television. More