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This murderer got approved for a taxpayer-funded sex change in prison. And it was the right thing to do

Twenty-four years ago, Robert Kosilek killed his wife. The Commonwealth proved its case. Bob got life in prison, throw away the key.

Guys in the big house don’t much like wife murderers. It goes easier if you’re in for tax fraud.

But it would get harder for Bob, because the boys at MCI Norfolk like transgendered folks even less.

In 2012, Kosilek, who had been living in prison as a woman, scored one on the Commonwealth. Her legal team used evidence and expert testimony to prove that gender reassignment surgery was medically necessary—as in, it was medically necessary for then-Mayor Thomas Menino to get a plate and screws put in his leg after he broke it last April.

Michelle Kosilek got approved for the surgery and the follow-up treatment that goes with it, and people got mad.

There are 47 million uninsured people in this country, reaching the middle class seems a Sisyphean crapshoot, and our government is bleeding treasure right and left.

Why in the hell did we approve a wife murderer for a free sex change?

Because it was the right thing to do, and because the Constitution demands it. More