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Stream Lukey the Bird’s New Album ‘Mr. Luke, You Corny,’ plays Boston Saturday

Ahead of his performance this Saturday at the UFORGE Gallery, Philly indie rapper Lukey the Bird dropped off his new album “Mr. Luke, You Corny” for an exclusive stream.

The album is a scatterplot of posi vibes united under Lukey’s “feather life” philosophy. From the infections club single “Off the Grid” to the whirring affirmation that is “Soulistic,” the album is a huge accomplishment for the feel-good rapper, who produced and pressed it in its entirety. The record also contains a new level of depth for the HAHA-YO jokester – especially the Maria Dontas-assisted anthem “White Flags,” which sees Lukey emerging victoriously from the personal vision quest that birthed this release. More