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Happy Jawbone Family Band debuts ‘Mr. Clean’ video

Brattleboro, Vt., seems like a pretty solid place to write an album. It’s difficult to get wrapped up in any sort of “scene” when you’re headquartered in the middle of the mountains, wading in good vibes and cheddar cheese. Not that any of those things affected Happy Jawbone Family Band much. There’s something genuine about the songwriting on the group’s new self-titled LP that shows an ignorance towards what’s hip, which in turn gives it plenty of originality. There’s a vintage sheen to the songs on the new album, and while thematically some may feel a bit tragic, overall it encompasses the “Family Band” aspect more than any previous release.

Get your first look at Happy Jawbone’s new video for “Mr. Clean” and check out the band’s new album, out today on Mexican Summer. Lead man Luke Csehak spoke with us about the album, Foams, horse-girls, Christians, and kids. More