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We Made Marty Walsh, Mark Wahlberg, and Other Bostonians Dance For You

If you haven’t heard of the MyIdol app by now, don’t worry – it’ll be a distant, Internet-based fever dream inside of twenty-four hours. The free app was developed in China and, while not incredibly user-friendly to English-speaking users, allows you to superimpose the face of your choice into an avatar.

We figured we’d do our part in beating this dead horse into the ground, so without further ado, here are some of your Boston favorites like you’ve never seen them before, and hopefully never see them again. More

Walsh’s Weed Incongruity Leaves Constituents Dazed and Confused

First things first: Mayor Marty Walsh would rather fight one horse-sized duck than 100 duck-sized horses.

Now that that’s out of the way, we can delve a little deeper into what the new mayor had to say during an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session he hosted Thursday on Reddit, specifically his response to a question regarding his concerns over medical marijuana dispensaries sprouting up in the Hub. More

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Pre-bar Exam: Ask Walsh Anything and Guns Everywhere!

Last weekend, you had plenty of discussion topics to spark conversation at the bar: Easter, 4/20, and the confluence of the two holidays, popularly known as “Weedster.” Also, the Marathon, Patriots Day, the three-day weekend, unseasonably warm weather, and that rash in your armpit. But now that all that is gone, how will you start conversations with your friends and/or good-looking strangers after a boring, four-day week? With news about an angry moose and sad horses! More

Why Simone Beaubien should be the next Boston poet laureate

Last week, Boston mayor Marty Walsh announced that a task force has been assembled to to find the city’s second-ever poet laureate. After six successful years in the position, Sam Cornish will be relinquishing his seat to a newcomer, and this is a perfect opportunity to inject some youth, vigor, and innovation into position.

Who better to do this than the city’s foremost slam poet? More

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A St. Patrick’s Day lesson for Mayor Walsh and MassEquality

It was reported Thursday that Mayor Marty Walsh would try one more time to broker a deal between organizers of South Boston’s annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade and a gay rights group that would allow a group of gay veterans to march on Sunday.

At the beginning of the month, Walsh seemed to have squashed the decade-old controversy when the Allied War Veterans Council, the sponsors of the parade, extended an invitation, negotiated by the new mayor, to the advocacy group MassEquality to march under its own banner.

The deal did come with the proviso that the group not wear shirts or hold signs that make specific reference to sexual orientation, but it was nonetheless enough for Walsh to praise the agreement and subsequent invitation as the “biggest step in 20 years” toward full inclusion.

There’s a lesson to be learned here if you’re Walsh or MassEquality. More